Thursday, January 29, 2009

A time for change

With all the economic down turn going on, we of course want to be hopeful as always.

It's a cycle, a season, a time for change and a way to re-think how we consume and live on this planet.

They estimate that 1 billion people are hungry right now. 1/6th of the world population.

Imagine the Super Bowl stadium times 10,000 of those stadiums filled with 60,000 people each...that's how many hungry people there are worldwide.

Let's make it happen together, now!


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How to feed 35,000,000 hungry people

As the economy has worsened, so too has the epidemic of hunger across one of the most prosperous countries in the world - the USA.

This article from indicates that about 30% of households headed by single mothers went without food at least occasionally over the course of 2007!

Let's put our heads together here folks and come with a diversified plan that connects needy people to farmers and producers with extra crops, regional and local distributors with some to spare, as well as large restaurant and catering operations that don't need to waste a single item any longer.

We can find a way now that cures hunger in our country once and for all. If not for ourselves, then for our children.

Have any ideas? Join the conversation here!


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More American children went hungry in 2007

This article from paints a particularly grim picture for how millions of American children ate in 2007, or didn't eat as the case may be.

We visit so many farms in producing our TV series and have discovered a rather ridiculous trend, which is that 15-20% of the produce stays on the farm to rot, because it's not "pretty enough" to be acceptable by grocery stores and food markets!

If one could draw a line between the 17% of those going hungry and the 15-20% of what is left behind due to aesthetics, we might very well be able to solve the hunger problem in the U.S. over night. We also commend those local food cooperatives who are gathering food from peoples gardens and fruit trees, and sharing those tons of delicious and healthy food items with those in need.

Approaching Thanksgiving we must ask of ourselves what little can we do that would make so much of a difference for others. Donate to your local food bank, volunteer at your local shelter, or assistance kitchen. Invite those less fortunate than yourself to have a meal together with you and your family.

When one child goes hungry, all of us risk dying of starvation.

Peace, Love and Organics!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

World Food Day

As always, we are one day behind every major event that gives a name to itself marking the importance of the day...

The reason we do this of course is less about the fact that we're actually behind the news, too busy to pay attention, or that the event isn't meaningful enough to us to write about it on the day it's rather because we feel that every day deserves the significance to be called "World Food Day."

The simple questions are: Did you have a quick breakfast this morning? A light, or somewhat satisfying lunch on the go? And have you pushed yourself away from the dinner table feeling sated, if not a little over full?

Guess what, you're blessed!

Because billions of people across the globe can count the number of meals they have each day with one finger, and many more are left hungry including small children and nursing mothers.

Let's show this gloomy world economy what we're made of, by donating even a dollar to the United Nations link above.

We know that if you're reading this blog, you are part of the select group on this planet who can afford to give a little to aid the plight of others. We also know that because you're reading our blog that you're part of the blessed few who have big hearts and open minds when it comes to thinking about people less fortunate than yourself.

Today is officially the day after World Food Day, but every day that people go hungry is an opportunity for us to make a difference.

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