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Smoked Salmon
Join Bruce in his garden as he gets the smoker going and
places these giant Salmon Steaks with Dill over night! You know smoking fish or meat is another ancient art of food preservation, but there’s nothing quite like eating the whole thing as soon as it’s finished slow cooking for all those hours! Sliced thin and eaten as is, or with a fresh bagel and cream cheese, yah baby!

Potato Pancakes
Also known as Potato Latkes, this traditional dish of shredded
potato strands reformed into sumptuous patties, then brought to a crispy golden brown in a skillet is sure to bring the whole
house coming around! Served warm with a little Apple Sauce, or Sour Cream, this is a delight of biblical proportions!

Matzoh Brai
Ok, so we’re on a theme here with this episode already! It’s a
really great recipe though, handed down through the ages from Moses’ time, Matzoh Brai is that amazing unleavened cracker that is dipped in Egg Batter and pan fried like a pancake! A little Green and White Onion, some fresh cracked pepper, and “oy” you’ve got it!


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