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Strawberry Waffles
Made fresh, these waffles make the perfect breakfast for a
full day of skiing ahead! Topped with a little whipped cream &
fresh Strawberries, mmm...mmm! In this episode, Manny, Dee, Lena & The Hippy Gourmet head out to Lake Tahoe to carve some turns at Alpine Meadows Ski Area and then make some killer Fondues!

Cheese Fondue
You’re going to just have to watch this episode to find out how many delicious blends of Cheese that Bruce adds to his Cheese Fondue Recipe! It’s got a few splashes of some great liquor and with a few hunks of fresh bread, everyone’s invited to dip in!
Seafood Fondue
Watch that the hot oil doesn’t splatter you now, by carefully
placing your seafood skewer into the pot gently. Fondue is such a great way to share the joy of cooking with everyone around you! Fresh Scallops, Shrimp and White Fish chunks make this the protein excuse for having the Chocolate Fondue for dessert!
Chocolate Fondue
We had a group of a hundred kids coming from
all over Alpine Meadows, when they smelled our
Chocolate Fondue on the Coleman! Using pieces
of fresh Strawberry, Pineapple, Apple and Orange,
until that runs out and you have to use your fingers!


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