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Deviled Eggs
Thinking about some of the most portable and delicious
foods you can take with you on the road to Napa, or
anywhere else for that matter, Deviled Eggs are just the ticket!
Made from a recombination of Egg Yokes, Fresh Veggies and
a blend of unique spices, The Hippy Gourmet makes one mean
Deviled Egg dude!


Napa Valley Excursion
So many television shows take trips up to Napa to visit the
wine country and all the various gourmet stops along the way.
But how many hosts actually sneak into a winery production
facility and act like they own the place? Well check out this
episode of The Hippy Gourmet, it’s a nice relaxing break in
the country side. Anyway, just act like you work there ok?

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