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Cucumber Salad
This episode features Doi Arrison whose delightful smile
and incredible Thai recipes, make this one of our most filling shows! Cucumber Salad is tangy, sweet, made right at the moment before sitting to dine, you just don’t get fresher than this!

Thai Soup
Also known as Tom Yum Goong, is a creamy coconut and cilantro blend with fresh Shrimp and green veggies! You have to watch how Doi ‘scorches’ the onions and garlic without using any oil, other than her very favorite Fish Sauce!

Green Curry
Cooked A La Minute, this piping hot dish is loaded with flavors! Combine it all with the Sticky Rice here, and you’ve
just entered the palace of fine flavors,
known lovingly as Doi’s Place!

BBQ Halibut
A favorite of Thai chefs is the BBQ!
Here Bruce and Doi lay on several thick Halibut Steaks, with a green onion and garlic marinade!



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