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Eggplant Parmesan
This classic treat is so loaded with flavor, with big fat
slices of Eggplant, made golden brown in a pan with a
light dusting of bread crumbs, and then covered in all that
great Mozzarella...we’re talking really delicious stuff here!

Green Salad
You might be thinking, ok, this seems really simple enough...
However, we like to think that a good Green Salad is highly
underrated and never really seen on TV too much- so we’re
paying homage here to a family-style staple!

Garlic Bread
What better to go with a solid Eggplant Parmesan than a
crispy and crunchy, loaded with Garlic Bread! It’s the simple
pleasures in life, is what The Hippy says!

Yosemite National Park
In this episode we head out on the highway to discover one
of this country’s greatest natural resources, Yosemite
National Park! With its majestic peaks, and serene valleys,
cool, crisp rivers flowing year round, The Hippy Gourmet loves
to highlight one of the last great refuge centers for humanity!


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