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Licensed Caught Abalone
Take a nice long ride up the coast from San Francisco and your sure to find some of the best licensed fisheries in the world! The Hippy Gourmet meets his fisherman friend ‘Vinnie’ who as a licensed Abalone diver, is legally able to catch two Abalone per day, so long as you cook and eat it pretty much right there. So Bruce fires up his Coleman and makes a lightly breaded, lemon and spice encrusted Abalone specialty! Thank you Pacific!

Seared Ahi Tuna
Taking his blackening spices on the road, Bruce takes a beautiful, whole Ahi Tuna steak and sears it to utter perfection! Making sure both sides are blackened just so and the inside is still pink like a ‘Bonito’ piece of Sushi, The Hippy then slices this Tuna into long, gorgeous strips. Served cold or hot, you really can’t go wrong with a Seared Tuna!

Bodega Bay Oysters
The craggy and ocean sprayed coast of northern California is host to some of the most wonderful seafood in the world! Bodega Bay is a beautiful area known best for its fresh Oysters. Caught with a similar degree of licensing and fishery management as the Abalone, Bodega Bay Oysters are great raw or cooked on a BBQ grill. It is very important to support strict fishing regulations, and thus The Hippy Gourmet highlights these issues.


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