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Jerusalem Artichokes
Unlike in our first episode where The Hippy Gourmet harvests fresh Jerusalem Artichokes from his backyard and fries them up- in this episode he shows us how to Roast them and Bake them as well! They’re that wacky edible tuber that grows at the root of these Sunflower-like stalks remember? Anyway, they make such the perfect finger food for a backstage event such as this!

Spinach Pie
The golden age of Greek civilization is owed in good part
to the creation of the Spinach Pie, or Spanikopita as the Greek’s would say. It’s layers of Filo Dough, loaded with Spinach that’s been specially pureed and seasoned to fill this really age old delight. Plato would be proud!
Imagine a plate full of the most colorful and full of life
vegetables, some blanched a little, others raw as the garden
grew them, but all are layed out in a Mandela-esque pattern
that draws attention and quick eating! Suffice to say it’s
what Vegetarian’s and Vegan’s dream about!

Backstage Fun!
We can’t quite recall if it was the Summer of Love from ‘67,
’95, or 2002, but we know were there in force! We had a booth, we had a place backstage, and we set up a whole table of super healthy and tasty foods to nibble on back there!


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