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Manny’s Omelette
Sometimes the most common foods are the most comforting,
and for many people who’ve never felt the joy of preparing
an Omelets for friends and family, will gain so much from
looking over Manny’s shoulder as he cooks it up! We’ll tell
you now it’s fluffy, cheesy, full of great veggies, and Manny
even turns up the Garnish with a twisted Orange Peel! Dude!

Home Fries
Ah the greatest compliment to any Omelets are the fresh
home fried potatos! ...and what better way than to learn the
Zen of Home Fry preparation from the master Manny himself!
Meatless Bacon
For those of you who crave the taste of pan seared bacon,
are either a vegetarian or vegan who’s never tasted real
bacon, then sure this is a pretty cool way to add that crunchy
side dish on the plate. For those who eat meat and know from
Bacon, then you will be relieved to know the difference!

Pet Pride Day
Like we need a ‘day’ to say thanks to our pets! Especially Tasha here, she’s a 24/7/365 proud girl! Don’t mind those Devil horns, she’s an angel just trying to win a costume contest...tune in to see how she does!


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