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Tuna Tar Tar
Oh Man, this is a must try recipe folks! Hunks of Sashimi-style
Tuna, sliced into tiny cubes and then mixed with a delightful
Soy and Sesame Seed marinade. Served on individual Endive
Leaves and garnished with The Hippy’s home made Wasabe &
chilled Ginger shavings, this is an appetizer that you need to
make a whole lot of, because it’s just that good!

Seafood Newburg
It’s creamy, it’s got a Saffron, amber flavor and eye appeal
and it’s called Seafood Newburg. Made with chunks of
White Fish, Scallops and topped with fresh Parsley, this
savory, hot dish is served right over a nice bed of Jasmine rice!

Romanesco Broccoli
Whoa Dude, it’s fractal heaven here! This incredibly complex
pattern of spiraling Romanesco Broccoli represents an on-going
theme with The Hippy Gourmet. Something about a guy named
Fibinacci and the power of the number 9? ...Anyway, steamed
and served on the plate with the Newberg, it’s a very different
and delicious kind of vegetable. That, and they are fractals man!


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