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Tuna Casserole
Making a lot of really tasty and nutritious food, served hot
and ready for a large family-style sit down is exactly what a
giant Tuna Casserole is perfect for! Plus it keeps really well and can be served again and again during the course of a week ahead. In this episode, we take a giant pan of Casserole and one of Bruce’s awesome Chocolate Mousse cakes over to the Hamilton Family Center!

Chocolate Mousse Cake
There are words to describe the most wonderful experiences
in life, and also facial and other non-verbal expressions as
well. So when we tell you that this Chocolate Mousse Cake
from The Hippy Gourmet is universally the softest, lightest,
fluffiest, chocolaty thing to happen ever, we’re still not
giving it justice!
Hamilton Family Center
The Hamilton Family Center has the most beautiful purpose-
they help families that have fallen on hard times, by providing housing, job placement, skill training and most of all, teaching
how to prepare meals from healthy ingredients is at the core of each family’s educational program!


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