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“Whack a Sturgeon”
In a Soprano’s-style journey to the heart of Pittsburgh,
California, The Hippy Gourmet meets up with his fisherman friend ‘Vinnie’ to “Whack a Fish!” Seriously, this monster of a Sturgeon measured in at almost six feet and was still alive and well, before Bruce and Vinnie took out back and had a few words with it of course! We show a little bit of the art of cleaning, and mostly give thanks to our abundant universe that provides the cycle of life for all of us!

Smoked Sturgeon Plate
After a long day of ‘whackin’ a fish,’ Bruce loads several large sections of our previously alive friend and loads them into his backyard garden Smoker. Another over night session of adding the wood chips in hourly progressions, smoking the Sturgeon to absolute perfection! Add a few Bagels, some nice Red Onion and Garnish, and ‘boom’ you got a great crew meal!
Pomegranate Juice
So we bet you never thought you could make a refreshing beverage out of Pomegranate Seeds huh? Well first of all, a Pomegranate is a hard, bright red/magenta fruit on the outside. On the inside there are hundreds of these really juicy seeds, clustered together in honeycomb structures. You have to separate them out and Juice ‘em up, but man it’s tangy!


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