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Happy Holidays everybody!

For those of our viewers here in America, it’s wonderful that we are able to give thanks remembering the spirit of the native peoples who showed us the true meaning of hospitality…the Native Americans were brave, spirited peoples who lived off the land and cherished their resources with abundant care.

Moving into the holiday season, we are so pleased to have the memories of our four past seasons of episodes to look back upon. For those who want to experience all 82, 30-minute episodes of our series, we're now offering a special 'subscription' program- so you and your family, or friends will receive a new episode every month!

In the coming year ahead, we have some very special trips planned, including a tour of the Hawaiian Islands and a visit with Renee Loux (Vegan Chef to the Stars). We're also planning an exciting trip to South Africa to visit Kruger National wildlife park, along with the famous wine route and Capetown! Then coming next summer, we will return to Italy for a magical tour of Venice! Seems like you'll just have to stay tuned for all of this!

Now a message to the soldiers stationed in Iraq, we love you! We appreciate your sacrifice and are so terribly sad that you’re there in the first place, and especially how difficult it must be during the holidays away from your families.

We want to take a few lines here to thank all of our sponsors, all the stations around the nation who have picked up our show, to all the new stations that are going to start airing us, and to the millions of viewers who tune into us every week as loyal fans old and new.

To make this holiday season complete, we’ve got some very special Specials that bring all the warmth, love and sense of connectedness into every home- so why not give a gift of something very different for someone you love, and sign them up for a years worth of Hippy Gourmet TV Show episodes (a new tape or DVD arrives every month!).

James Ehrlich
The Hippy Gourmet TV Show

“TV the way it’s supposed to be”


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