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When Tragedy Strikes

Our deepest condolences to the people of Asia who were affected by the earthquake and Tsunami that hit this week.

To all of our friends in Thailand, India, Indonesia, Africa and the islands in the wave’s path, we hope you are coping well with the disaster and know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

It seems more than clear at this point how interconnected our world and environment is, considering that like a pebble falling to a still pond, the ripples can be seen spreading far and wide.

If you would like to help the survivors of this ordeal, but aren’t sure the best ways to do so, we have provided the following links for direct support:

Otherwise you can check in your local community for food, clothing and medical supply donations, as this is an effort that must span the entire globe, starting with each of us.

Perhaps in 2005 we will grow closer together because of this catastrophic event, seeing our neighbors as part of our own families, not separated by borders or ideologies. Then maybe we can begin to see the world’s issues as our own, working together to eliminate hunger, poverty, disease and the discarding of whole populations based on their ‘lower,’ socio-economic standing.

Thank you for taking the time to do something, because all we have is what each of us can do in our own way to make a difference.

James Ehrlich
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