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Greetings everyone!

The Hippy Gourmet is rolling into spring with some exciting new episodes coming your way! First of all, we've got the continuation of our Hawaiian Adventure series, including more shows from Maui, Kauai, and Oahu! We visit with some absolutely incredible chefs who combine all the healthiest, organic and sustainable ingredients, with all the flavors that make a tropical fantasy come true! Watching these episodes from Hawaii, you can almost catch the scent of the perfumed flowers floating gently on the warm sea air! More to come, so stay tuned!

Hippy Gourmet Plans for May

In early May, The Hippy Gourmet will also be getting back to our roots so to speak, by doing a feature on "Greens" restaurant here in San Francisco! Greens is a 100% Vegetarian restaurant that has been going strong for over 25 years and is located in one of the most breathtaking view spots in Fort Mason Center right on San Francisco Bay!

We're also planning a return trip back up the Mendocino coast of California to follow some Native American fishing rituals, as well as visit with some old friends at the Stanford Inn (which is absolutely one of the most amazing all Vegetarian, Pet Friendly B&B's in the world! Check out Episode #83).


The Hippy Gourmet is spreading like wildfire across the nation on PBS, bringing us tens of thousands of new viewers every week! These are people just like you, bright, intelligent, warm and creative folks who cherish time spent with friends and family, making delicious recipes come to life!

Earth Day is coming April 22nd!

Don't forget that Earth Day is coming April 22nd! This is the 35th anniversary of this auspicious day, with events planned around the world. This is also a reminder that there are things you can do in your very own backyard to celebrate Earth Day and give back to the planet!

Check out this month's article on our Website that includes 5 Tips on how to protect our planet as well as some links to organizations that are making Earth day happen every day!

Coming soon...

The Hippy Gourmet has some exciting new travel plans scheduled for this summer of 2005, as well as some fantastic new shows and recipes from all around the world. We're also going to expand our internet and website experience by adding downloadable and streaming video clips of our most popular recipes!

News from ARK 2000

On a side note, congratulations to for welcoming two new elephants - Wanda and Winky - into their ARK 2000 wild animal sanctuary! These two beautiful girls came from the Detroit Zoo and are already exploring their new home, including hundreds of acres of pristine lands to roam and several large lakes to frolic in! Rescuing wild animals from captive breeding and the entertainment industry is as easy as clicking on!

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