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Happy Summer!

Although the Hippy Gourmet has some incredible shows still to come from our Hawaiian adventure in Kauai and Oahu, we’re gearing up for what’s promising to be an awe-inspiring Summer season!

Hippy Gourmet Plans for mid-May and June

Kicking off a whirlwind tour of Italy, we'll be flying from our Hippy headquarters in San Francisco directly to Frankfurt, Germany on Lufthansa! Our tour will begin with a feature on Lufthansa, their magnificent in-flight services and culinary experiences, as well as their top-notch wine list! We'll also be doing a feature on Lufthansa's star Chefs who design all of the menus for their worldwide offerings.

After we spend a little time visiting with Lufthansa in Germany, we'll be heading to Florence, Italy where we're so happy to be hooking up with our Italian Television partners Phoenix Media! Luca Centoni and Phoenix Media were our gracious hosts last year when we traveled for seven amazing days around Tuscany (Check out Episodes 72-82), going from the mountains to the sea and eating pretty much everything in our path!

This summer we're so pumped to be touring around Pisa, Venice, Tuscany, Sardinia and more and all in an amazing 'Hippie-style' RV called an 'Exsis' by Hymer of Germany! Of course we'll be camping and showing all our fans some of the most relaxed and laid-back camping facilities in Europe, but we'll also be hosted by several breathtaking hotel-resorts and we'll be featuring the top chefs in each area!

James Ehrlich returns to the Apple Stage!

This July, after our return from Europe, James Ehrlich will again take the stage at several Apple stores around the country. He'll be in Los Angeles at the Apple store at the 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica - and also returning to the Apple store in San Francisco later this summer, (amongst other Apple appearances coming soon). You should really check this presentation out, because James not only shows how the entire Hippy Gourmet TV Show is produced on an Apple Macintosh Computer running Final Cut Pro software- but he also shares from the heart how incredible it is to film something and then bring it all to life for millions of viewers around the world to participate with. So keep checking our site and Apple's for details and dates, and we look forward to seeing you all come on down for these events. (PS - During these events, we give away goodies and offer super coupons for cool stuff from our website).

Expanding on TV

The Hippy Gourmet is getting ready to make some really big headlines this coming Fall, including expanding our series to a national and very well known Cable channel that will be carrying us, in addition to our existing relationship with PBS national. What this means to all of our fans and future fans is that our new and improved Hippy Gourmet TV Show will be viewable nationwide and at more convenient times as well!

Country Home Magazine

This June the Hippy Gourmet will be featured in Country Home Magazine in a really cool article called "The Dish." It's a light piece that covers our host (Bruce Brennan) and his roots to sustainable agriculture, alternative energy and the good vibes of bringing family and friends together through the love of food. The Hippy Gourmet shares the page with some other 'flower power' products and companies, like Sage Kitchen, Artgirl Cookies, Total Tea and a book by Jeremy Jackson called 'A good day for a picnic.' Well anyway, the Hippy Gourmet believes that every day is a good day for a picnic!

Earth Day was a big success

Earth day was awesome this year! We're seeing so many more articles and TV news stories around the world that are highlighting the importance of sustainable agriculture and aquaculture, alternative energy, conservation, recycling and endangered habitats for wildlife, flora and fauna. The best part of Earth day is that it shows kids around the world how to live life on a less footprint on the planet.

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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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