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Summer Time and the Feeling is Groovy!

Even though we’re in the heart of the summer season right now, we’re still cranking out shows from our Hawaiian adventure in Kauai and Oahu, which are so beautiful anytime of year! This week we have Chef Kirk Lowe from Plantation Gardens in Kauai, next week we feature Chef Todd Oldham from Princeville Resort in Kauai, and then we’re on to Oahu with Chef Glen Chu and then rounding it out with Chef Goren Streng in Waikiki and the Oahu Audubon Society!

We’ve returned Safe and Sound from our Whirlwind tour of Italy!

Thirty-seven days in Italy, sounds like a title for a romance novel or great summer film, but it’s what The Hippy Gourmet crew just came back from! Thanks to Lufthansa Airlines, whose professional and courteous service and awesome in-flight meals and movies made our eleven hour flight seem like a shuttle hop! Stay tuned for our full-on feature on Lufthansa and Sky Chef coming this fall! It’s promising to be a real backstage experience and something really cool to enjoy.

We arrived in Florence and headed directly into our non-stop filming, eating and great spa tour from Pisa to Venice, Portofino to all over Sardinia and then back to Tuscany! Many thanks to our Italian Television partners Phoenix Media, who also assisted us last year when we traveled for seven amazing days around Tuscany (Check out Episodes 72-82), going from the mountains to the sea and eating pretty much everything in our path! We traveled in pure 'Hippie-style' in an RV called an 'Exsis' by Hymer of Germany! Of course we camped a little here and there, featuring the some of the sweetest, family-owned camp sites in the world in Sardinia…you’ll just have to see all of these great shows coming soon, because they’re all filmed in High Definition and that means all the colors, flavors and excitement comes straight through your TV!

James Ehrlich returns to the Apple Stage!

Come see and meet James Ehrlich the Producer and Director of The Hippy Gourmet TV Show on Tuesday July 19th, at 6pm at the Apple Store on Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica (1248 Third Street Promenade) –

James Ehrlich will again take the stage at the Apple store in the Grove (189 The Grove Drive Los Angeles, CA) on the following evening July 20th from 7-9PM -

Come on down and check out how the entire Hippy Gourmet TV Show is produced on an Apple Macintosh Computer running Final Cut Pro software! James also shares from the heart how incredible and freeing it is to work on a Mac, and to be able to connect with millions of TV viewers around the world. It’s one of those situations where you’ll be at the right place at the right time, to meet just the right people who get where you’re coming from…so come say hi to James! (PS - During these events, we give away goodies and offer super coupons for cool stuff from our website).

Heading to the Stars

The Hippy Gourmet is getting ready to be broadcast into space, capturing potentially millions of new viewers through satellite TV around the globe! What this means to all of our fans in the States is our new and improved Hippy Gourmet TV Show will be viewable nationwide and at more convenient times as well! Also, we’ve just begun filming in High Definition, so we’re ready for all of those fans with those giant, flat panel TVs who are looking for us in HD!

The Hippy Gourmet Cookbook and Guide to the Universe

We’ve been talking about it since the birth of our show, and now as a full grown toddler at the age of five (well maybe we’re not toddlers any longer)- but now to cap off our fifth season of broadcasting, The Hippy Gourmet is getting ready to announce its very first cookbook! We’ll keep all of you informed each step of the way, including very special offers to you, our mailing list, for super discounts and signed copies!

In Loving Memory of Chet Helms 8/2/42 - 6/25/05

Chester Leo Helms, (Chet Helms), the soft spoken, originator of the Summer of Love and music promoter passed away on June 25th 2005. He was a man of great depth and creativity, with a warm and balanced spirit that helped nurture the birth of some of the best music and festivals known to humanity.
We were so blessed to know Chet personally, to sit in awe of wisdom that not only spanned the era of the Hippie movement at its height, but who also saw what good could be accomplished in the present moment and from future deeds. Chet was a man that spoke less and listened more, offering his words toward the positive and proactive, motivating others to do the right thing in any given circumstance. Chet Helms and Allen Cohen came to our table for Episode #30, to join us for our ‘yummy’ shot, and we remember the conversation over dinner so vividly as if it were yesterday.

Here is a brief bio about Chet Helms

No discussion involving the Sixties, the "San Francisco sound" or the "Summer of Love" can take place without including Chet Helms, a front-line originator of the ideas and events surrounding that most dynamic of decades in modern American history.

Chet Helms and his production company- the Family Dog turned small get-togethers of local musicians and artists into a scene that eventually produced the great legendary gatherings of the Summer Of Love. Rock promoter Bill Graham first turned to Chet Helms and his well-connected family of artists and audiences in San Francisco to build his own promotional empire, well after the local "scene" had been established and nurtured in coffee houses all over the city.

Helms was born in Santa Maria, California, in 1942, and spent most of his youth in Texas and Missouri. While attending the University of Texas in Austin, he was drawn to the civil rights movement bubbling under in the South. A stepchild from a mixed-race marriage, Helms became actively engaged in organizing benefits for non-profit civil and human rights groups, all the while learning and using the tools of the trade he would later apply to the world of rock concert promotion.

Helms moved from Austin to San Francisco for the first time in the summer of 1962. He returned to Austin briefly in 1963 to beckon then-unknown folksinger Janis Joplin to hitch-hike back with him, telling her he would help promote her career in San Francisco.

In the basement of 1090 Page Street at the center of the colorful Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Helms organized informal jam sessions, out of which the band Big Brother and the Holding Company was formed. He later added Joplin as the group's lead singer and managed the band through its formative years.

Through his relationships with such celebrated figures as Ken Kesey and The Grateful Dead, Helms found himself at the center of it all, a willing coordinator of the era's new interpretation of music and youth culture. By February 1966, Helms started producing shows for many bands under the name Family Dog Productions at the Fillmore Auditorium, on alternating weekends with Bill Graham Presents. By April, Helms secured permits to run his own dance hall, The Avalon Ballroom on Sutter Street.

For three years, Helms and the Family Dog hosted some of the most influential events in San Francisco rock history, including free events in Golden Gate Park in 1966 and during what has now become known as the "Summer of Love" in 1967. From The Doors to Bo Diddley, Helms created a unique atmosphere at the Avalon which encouraged immersive experiences among the artists and audience. Psychedelic light shows have evolved into what we now know as "multi-media." And the trademark posters have skyrocketed in value over the years in the rock memorabilia market. It was a formula duplicated by rock promoters all over the country. Helms also opened up Family Dog dance halls in Denver and Portland before deciding in 1969 to run his operations out of one ballroom in San Francisco, on the Great Highway next to Playland-at-the-Beach.

By the end of 1970, the small local scene Helms helped create had grown into a cultural phenomenon exploited globally by a wide variety of entrepreneurs, for better or for worse. He decided to take a break, and would not return to concert promoting until 1978, when Family Dog produced the 1st Annual Tribal Stomp at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. After producing another Tribal Stomp in 1979 at the Monterey Fairgrounds - highlighted by the first-ever California appearance of The Clash - Helms retreated from active promotion. He came out of retirement briefly in October 1997 to produce the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Summer of Love in Golden Gate Park, where 60,000 fans gathered for a day of free music, with no arrests and no reports of incidents.

Since 1980, Helms had operated Atelier Dore, Inc., an art gallery in San Francisco specializing in American and European art from 1850 to 1950.

Photos courtesy by Robert Altman ©2005

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