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In the heat of the summer it’s always cool to hang with The Hippy Gourmet!

SolFest 2005 at the Solar Living Institute

Join the Hippy Gourmet this Saturday, August 21st at the Solar Living Institute for the annual “Sol Fest” - located at their campus facility in beautiful Hopland, California. The Hippy Gourmet will be there filming an episode on making “Solar Cookies,” utilizing a solar oven and only the light and heat energy brought in by the sun to bake these delightful, organic treats! In this terrible time of fossil fuel dependency, isn’t it nice to know that we can use the power of the sun to bake some cookies? The past two years, The Hippy Gourmet has made Solar Pizza’s of all shapes and sizes, and is proud to support the work of this amazing organization! So come on down to Sol Fest to join The Hippy Gourmet, and enjoy the cookies prepared by the sun!

Beginning editing of EuroTour ‘05!

Can you imagine how many hours of amazing footage we have after traveling Thirty-seven days in Italy? We’re already calling this series “The Great Spas of Italy,” because we visited so many hotel/resort/spas on our great of journey around Italy. We are also set to film a full-on feature on Lufthansa and Sky Chef coming this October! Working with some of the top chefs in the world who design and implement Lufthansa’s sumptuous in-flight meals, we will be creating an episode that will actually fly with you on- board Lufthansa’s interactive television offering (more inside details on this to come).

Stay tuned for more Apple store presentations

Thanks to all those folks who came down to the Apple store in Santa Monica at the 3rd street promenade, and also the following evening to Apple store at the Grove in Los Angeles! James had so much fun presenting to this crowd of interested Final Cut Pro and Apple Mac owners, who were excited to participate and ask questions. The best part of being involved in the Apple community is that we all feel like we’re sharing this creative life together- and thus there for each other to do what we can to bring others along. Nothing like this has ever existed with PC owners.
One of the highlights of the presentations was when Stevie Wonder entered the Apple Store at the Grove in Los Angeles! He was surrounded by his entourage of beautiful people, when James noticed him come into the theatre area and announced over the PA system- “oh my G-d, it’s Stevie Wonder, ladies and gentleman!” to which all the people in the theatre audience turned around and began applauding and standing up to cheer him. What an incredible experience meeting such a person who has brought so much joy into people’s lives, and of course, he’s a Mac user too! :)

James Ehrlich will be demonstrating at the Apple store in New York in Soho coming this September! As soon as we have the dates and times for this event, and others to follow, we’ll keep you posted! If you haven’t seen James present, it’s something pretty cool - as he has so much passion and enthusiasm about what the average person can create and subsequently broadcast onto television, and all from the Apple Mac!

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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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