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Aah, the fresh new season of fall! May it bring peace, love and hope!

First of all our hearts and spirits go out to the hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf coast states, and especially to those in New Orleans who were so horribly affected by hurricane Katrina. We have placed a direct link to the American Red Cross on our home page, for those who want to donate money to helping feed, cloth and shelter those in need there.

This terrible tragedy uncovered the shameful discrepancies between race and socio-economic status in the United States. Because who among us could not look at the news reports and see point-blank how so many in our country were literally left behind! We are ashamed to see how long it took for people in charge to take charge and we are astonished at the number of lives lost - just because those of the poorest populations who don’t have cars or money were not evacuated, or cared about.

It should also act as a wake-up call how deeply rooted our existence is on fossil fuels, and how quickly chaos and turmoil can set in when the proverbial plug gets pulled. We need to act now and as a united force worldwide to define sustainable and alternative energy sources, such as wind power, solar and one of the most overlooked fuel sources- hemp oil!

The Hippy Gourmet and Google

Onto the future of media that requires no packaging, postage and fuel!
The Hippy Gourmet is proud to announce a new relationship with Google Video - whereby our entire library of over 100, 30-minute shows will be digitally encoded and soon available directly to your home computer! Our plans to start with are to offer these episodes for free, helping to spread the ‘peace, love and good eats’ message of The Hippy Gourmet show to the four corners of the globe and back! Subsequently we may explore ways of charging a nominal fee, or to find innovative ways to include our sponsors in a non-intrusive manner - but this is exciting news for sure!

The Hippy Gourmet Site Now Offers Video Clips!

By popular demand we’ve added some video clips to the Hippy Gourmet website! Now you can discover the little diamonds of recipe segments we’ve scattered around our site and play them right on your computer! Of course the quality of internet video even with broadband speeds does not compare to our DVD and broadcast television quality that we air each week on PBS around the country - but it’s definitely a good start to show folks who we are and what we’re about! Enjoy!

The Hippy Gourmet website goes Blogging!

Check out the new Blogging area on our Hippy Gourmet website - you can go directly to We invite everyone to come and share your stories, favorite recipes and discover our growing worldwide community! We’ll be running contests for the best stories, recipes and suggestions – so check it out! Or of course you can always e-mail us too!

The 10th annual Solfest was a huge success!

Thanks to everyone at the Solar Living Institute we had yet another hugely successful time at Solfest. The Solar Living Institute located in Hopland, California is a literal oasis of solar and wind power, alternative energy and organic gardens that all come together to prove a single point- that we can live really well on the power of the sun and wind! During this event we partnered with the Solar Oven Society and Bill Potts to make Vegan Solar Cookies (an episode coming this fall!). The Solar Oven Society is an amazing company that has as it’s purview to provide solar ovens to the neediest people and villages around the world. By using the power of the sun to cook and bake in their “Sport” solar ovens, people don’t need to spend their days searching for fuel to make fires- this saves time, energy and most of all helps to preserve the integrity of the forests around the world.

Check out our awesome Vegan Cookie recipes we prepared at the Solfest!

Stay tuned for more Apple store presentations to come!

James Ehrlich will be demonstrating at the Apple store in New York in Soho coming this fall! As soon as we have the dates and times for this event, and others to follow, we’ll keep you posted!

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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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