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Green Festival 2005 in San Francisco

It’s true that we are facing some of the most political and ecological challenges in our planet’s history, that’s why it’s so refreshing to see how much the Green Festival has grown over the the past few years, both in exhibitors and in numbers of show attendees. If you have a Green product or service you should definitely check out participating with the Green Festivals, and if you’re a consumer who cares about where your money goes, and you want to support some of the world’s best companies, then the Green Festivals is your place too!

Reporting from the Green Festival 2005 in San Francisco which took place this past weekend of November 5th and 6th, we sent our Hippy Gourmet crew down to capture some of the moments and quality companies making a difference in the world today!
The Green Festival offers an incredible opportunity to see the positive and proactive effects that Hippie culture have brought on bringing environmentally sound business practices to life!
Everybody from Toyota, showing off their Hybrid Prius, to Clif Bar, Organic Valley Farms, Seventh Generation, Dagoba Chocolates and so many more good companies were there, as were literally thousands of patrons wanting to learn more about supporting Earth friendly products!


The Hippy Gourmet and Google – It’s here!

You can now watch full-length Hippy Gourmet TV Show Episodes from the comfort of your home computer!

The Hippy Gourmet is proud to announce our relationship with Google Video! We’ve started by offering over thirty (30) of our full-length, 30-minute shows completely free of charge (how Hippie is that!)
Just like being backstage in our kitchen here in the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco, we spread the ‘peace, love and good eats’ of The Hippy Gourmet show to the four corners of the globe and back! You can navigate to the Hippy Gourmet on Google Video, then you can choose from a wide variety of shows we filmed over the past 6 seasons - from the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil, to Amsterdam and Tuscany and even the Hawaiian Islands - all cooking up a blend of flavors and experiences that are sure to make you want to own the high resolution versions on DVD!
(PS – they make great holiday gifts!)

Google and the Hippy Gourmet it’s a match made in heaven, brought to you in one of the most energy efficient ways imaginable- direct through the internet!


The Hippy Gourmet and Lufthansa Airlines

The Hippy Gourmet and Lufthansa Airlines have something super special coming this January to all those flying on Lufthansa flights around the world. The Hippy Gourmet is going to be available on- demand in the Lufthansa interactive video players at 35,000 feet! We recently filmed a special episode featuring Bernd Schmitt (of LSG Sky Chefs) and Joachim Splichal (from the Patina Group in Los Angeles). Joachim Splichal is a world renowned gourmet chef and entrepreneur with dozens of restaurants around Los Angeles and California, including special locations at the Walt Disney Center and a catering operation that has worked on everything from the Emmy Awards to the Democratic National Convention!

The episode with Lufthansa kicks off the Hippy Gourmet Euro Tour ’05 series, which took place last summer and highlights both Lufthansa and LSG Sky Chefs, and our travels across Italy and Sardegna. In this show Bernd and Joachim prepare an incredible Wild Salmon with a Clam Vinaigrette that rests on a bed of Organic Greens. Then we take a flight to Frankfurt, Germany and visit with Thomas Stets the Manager of LSG Sky Chefs in-flight food design and take a tour of the Lufthansa First Class lounge in Frankfurt (this is one comfortable place!).

So when you’re traveling to, or from Europe you should definitely fly Lufthansa, kick back and enjoy the gourmet food as designed and implemented by Bernd Schmitt and Joachim Splichal, and while you’re eating, tune into the Hippy Gourmet TV Show offered directly to your seat!


SOS – Safeguard Organic Standards!

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) needs your immediate help to stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading organic standards. After 35 years of hard work, the U.S. organic community has built up a multi-billion dollar alternative to industrial agriculture, based upon strict organic standards and organic community control over modification to these standards.

Now, large corporations such as Kraft, Wal-Mart, & Dean Foods--aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA) are moving to lower organic standards by allowing a Bush appointee to create a list of synthetic ingredients that would be allowed organic production. Even worse these proposed regulatory changes will reduce future public discussion and input and take away the National Organic Standards Board's (NOSB) traditional lead jurisdiction in setting standards. What this means, in blunt terms is that USDA bureaucrats and industry lobbyists, not consumers, will now have more control over what can go into organic foods and products.
Send a quick letter to your Congressperson online here:

Sneak Attack on Organic Standards Take action here:


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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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