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Peace and Love for 2006!

May love and light reign supreme over hate and injustice everywhere, and may the magical momentum of enthusiasm toward positive change (especially in sustainability, organics, alternative energy and fair trade) be our guiding force for generations to come.


The Hippy Gourmet goes Wild and Scenic!

This past weekend, the Hippy Gourmet TV Show was featured at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival up in Nevada City, California! The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is the west coast's largest film festival that focuses on everything from environmental and political issues affecting the planet to wild and scenic adventure films from around the world.

The Wild and Scenic Film Festival is coordinated by a great organization called SYRCL, which stands for South Yuba River Citizens League, and is a fantastic group of people who have taken it upon themselves to clean up the rivers and streams and work with indigenous peoples to help return the wildlife to areas affected by dams and development, amongst other environmental outreach programs.

The Hippy Gourmet had six featured segments in the film festival, including:

The film festival was a great success with over 3,000 attendees and over 80 films being screened. The best part about the festival is that it not only takes place every year in the picture-perfect setting of Nevada City, California, but is a traveling festival that will soon be coming to Santa Barbara, Colorado, New York and other cities around the U.S. The films being featured range from animation for children to complex environmental issues, comedy shorts about organic produce and full-length films on pressing matters such as Chernobyl environmental catastrophe and Tibetan struggle for freedom.

The Hippy Gourmet is proud to support SYRCL and the Wild and Scenic film festival, and we were honored to film an episode with them that included some wonderful vegan and vegetarian dishes (coming soon!)


The Hippy Gourmet at the CES Show in Las Vegas!

What would the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada be without The Hippy Gourmet in attendance?! Well stranger things have happened, and we were so happy to be a part of Google’s booth at CES, where the Hippy Gourmet full-length episodes were being shown as part of Google’s new video service! Right on dude! We’re still featuring our shows for free, although we may begin offering some of our more recent shows filmed in HDTV to be priced with a small download fee...right now, we’re just so happy that people from around the world can view our show and enjoy them from the comfort of their PC!

We have some other exciting reasons for attending the CES show in Las Vegas, especially as media is moving into the portable devices that power our mobile lifestyles and we find DVD players under the countertops and even built into our refrigerators in our kitchens, very soon you’ll find The Hippy Gourmet popping up where you want us the most!


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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

The Hippy Gourmet TV Show “TV the way it’s supposed to be”

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