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Happy Summer!

Phew, what a scorcher right? It’s a good thing our government doesn’t see any real scientific evidence of global warming, otherwise we might have a real problem on our hands! :-) Anyway, we do hope you’re all coping well by drinking a lot of liquids, staying cool and enjoying all the fresh, organic summer fruits this time of year!


The Hippy Gourmet Cookbook

We are proud to announce that The Hippy Gourmet has entered into an agreement with Warner Wellness to publish our Hippy Gourmet cookbook (the exact title and release date coming soon). We’ve spent the last couple of years working on this cookbook and ‘guide to the universe,’ in hopes of finding the perfect publishing partner, and now we’re happy to say that we’ve found the right home for our book!

Part of the mega-media family of Time Warner, Warner Wellness was formed in a bid to provide more focus on books dealing with "the healing and improvement of mind, body and spirit." Because Bruce Brennan as the Hippy Gourmet has a strong philosophy of cooking with organic, sustainable, fair-trade ingredients, and travels the world in search of the most exotic, eco-tourist friendly locations, the relationship with Warner Wellness only makes perfect sense.

Of course as subscribers to our Hippy Gourmet newsletter, you will receive the latest information on when the cookbook will be available, and you will also receive an invitation to purchase advance copies at a highly discounted rate, so stay tuned because 2007 is going to be an incredible year!


How hot is hot?

For all of us who experienced the coast-to-coast (and European) heat wave the past few weeks, you know first hand how hot, hot can be! Here in California we lost over 130 lives to temperatures that exceeded 122 degrees in some places! Some of the paved highways actually began to melt, and there were other stories of people baking cookies on the inside of their car dashboards (not the kind of Solar Ovens we advocate using).

Ironically, (or cosmically), we had the opportunity to meet with (President) Al Gore, who was kind enough to share a little bit about his recent book and movie “An Inconvenient Truth.” Produced in conjunction with Participant Productions (same folks who brought you Syriana, Good Night and Good Luck, Fast Food Nation, and many more great films and documentaries), “An Inconvenient Truth” chronicles Mr. Gore’s in-depth and scientifically proven lecture series on the emergency situation which is global warming.

It’s virtually impossible for anyone to dispute the timeliness of this film, or the magnitude of its message. The images of yesterday’s majestic glaciers melted into large lakes, the total disappearance of snows from Mt. Kilamanjaro in Africa, and the polar bears dying of starvation from melting ice caps is powerful beyond Mr. Gore’s lucid narration.

We recommend that everyone see “An Inconvenient Truth,” no matter what political party affiliation you may have, where you may live, and especially if you are a part of the smallest minority who still doesn’t believe in global warming as scientific fact.

The best part of Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth is that it provides a hopeful message of what can be done positively and proactively by every person. The movie offers real world suggestions to help stem the uses of greenhouse gases, and to at least become aware of even the smallest things (changing to energy efficient light bulbs, carpooling, using mass transit, etc.) we can all do to make a difference.

Al Gore is an extremely bright and informed person, who is devoted to making life on earth better for people, wildlife and the environment. One only need close their eyes and imagine what the world would be like right now if Mr. Gore would have taken office in 2000! Compassion over war, education over fear, health care over big business interests and more than likely an emphasis on alternative energy not seen since Roosevelt’s New Deal! So here’s to 2008!


The Hippy Gourmet Season #7!

Hard to believe, but the Hippy Gourmet is completing its principal filming of its seventh season! This season of full-length, 30-minute shows for PBS will include our recent travels to beautiful and scenic Vancouver, British Columbia and Victoria in Canada’s pristine northwest! Where we feature all of the organic, sustainable, aqua-healthy and delicious gourmet recipes as prepared by the local chefs on our tour! We’ll also be airing our “Great Spas of Italy Tour,” covering some of the most beautiful spas and resorts from Tuscany to Sardinia, Italy!

To round out the season of shows, we’ll also be featuring several new episodes back in California, from our home base in the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco, Mendocino and Nevada City, California. In these shows we highlight bio-dynamics in farming, wine making and of course some of Bruce’s incredible recipes and cooking! As always, we continue to do segments on Solar energy, conservation and the gorgeous world we live in.


Solfest 2006

It’s become a Hippy Gourmet TV Show tradition, every year we pack up our crew and hippie host (Bruce Brennan) and head up to Hopland, California to the Institute for Solar Living and the Real Goods store to participate in the annual SolFest!

Last year we made Solar Cookies in solar ovens, the years before we made Solar Pizza in solar ovens and this year we’re planning on a Solar Ratatouille!

The annual SolFest brings thousands of people from around the world who are interested in learning about alternative energy in a practical and pragmatic way, as well as those who just love to commune with like-minded, earth-friendly individuals.

The festival also attracts famous movie and music stars, including last year’s SolFest that had Darryl Hannah and Micky Hart, amongst many others who come to share their experiences and devotion to the proactive cause of alternative energy and lower-impact human existence on the planet.

Filming at the Mendocino Wine Company

While up in Hopland, California for the annual SolFest, the Hippy Gourmet will also be filming a new episode with Paul Dolan of the Mendocino Wine Company. Paul Dolan is a true wine making pioneer, utilizing bio-dynamic techniques for creating well balanced vineyards and wines. Mr. Dolan is also the author of True to Our Roots, Fermenting a Business Revolution, which is a book all about his experiences converting wineries to bio-dynamic farming practices and principals. We’ll be interviewing Mr. Dolan, as well as touring the Dark Horse Vineyard, Parducci Wine Cellars and filming an organic luncheon at Dark Horse as well!

Peace vs. War is not idealism - it's common sense

Starting last month, The Hippy Gourmet TV Show began a companion ‘blog’ to our very popular website. The blog is intended to communicate our day-to-day feelings about the world we live in, chronicle our journeys as we produce each show, and give our audience a real chance to share their opinions with us directly.

Many people believe that cooking shows are timeless and should thus refrain from political or environmental activism, and in many ways our PBS broadcast series and subsequent webcasts do focus primarily on delicious foods that are easy and fun for the whole family to prepare together.

However, what kind of hippies would we be if we summarily ignored the pressing issues of the day, or imagined to somehow turn our backs on the notion of people living a happy and war-free existence?

In the last newsletter we shared our feelings about bringing the soldiers home from Iraq, and to express our desire for a new era of waging peace and compassion around the world. We received so many fantastic e-mails from people who feel the same way, that peace and love should not be a point for political debate, but rather a basic human charter for existence on the planet.

However, we also received a couple of e-mails from a few of our viewers who found our departure from cooking and recipes and into world affairs a bit troubling. They shared their opinions and feelings that what we expressed was ‘unpatriotic,’ especially when these young men and women are stationed abroad and need our support more than ever.

We replied to them individually and through our blog site, first of all thanking them profusely for sharing their feelings, and also explaining that there is no greater patriotism than speaking freely about wanting peace to reign over war. We believe in and support our soldiers, because these are our children, our brothers and sisters, our husbands and wives, our neighbors and friends and we honor them daily for their service to our country. So to honor them and their sacrifice, we feel that it is our duty to never stop asking the tough questions and to continue our vigil of wanting them home safely and as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and we always welcome your comments, suggestions and editorial pieces for our website, newsletter and blog. You can contribute to our blog here:

Iraq – We want an end to this war NOW! Here are 6 great links for learning more and getting involved in the peace movement!


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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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