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Happy Fall Everyone!

The leaves are painting the landscape with colors of the autumn rainbow, seeming to balance out the shorter, darker days to come.

What better way to combat the onset of chilly weather, than to prepare a variety of hearty, vegetarian soups and chili!

Alao, we want to encourage everyone to get out there and VOTE. This is a crucially important ‘right’ (one of a few that we still have available to us), for letting our voices be heard.

As a matter of course, we use our Hippy Gourmet Blog to offer our comments and opinions outside of the normal website for our TV series. Our topics range from environmental issues like supporting solar energy and cooking, to preserving endangered habitats and wildlife, to wanting peace instead of war (what a radical and left wing concept eh?). So please do visit our blog and let your voices be heard!


Come visit the Hippy Gourmet at the upcoming Green Festival in San Francisco
(November 10-12th, 2006)

where we'll be exhibiting at Booth #532 in the Green Media section. We have a lot of fun things planned for the expo, including show specials on DVDs, Aprons, Canvas Bags and solar baked goodies, as well as prizes and give-aways.

We have spent many years visiting and filming the Green Expo in San Francisco. We have watched the turn-out increase from a couple of thousand people, to tens of thousands of people, crowding the aisles and exploring all there is to learn about leading a greener, healthier life!

At this year’s Green Expo we also plan on unveiling the title of our upcoming cookbook on the Warner Wellness label, and will be taking pre-orders as show specials to expo patrons. (We will also be extending this pre-order special to all of our newsletter subscribers). Sign up

So if you’re in San Francisco and you want to have a great time hanging out with like-minded people at the Green Expo, or you’d like to come on down and meet Bruce Brennan (the Hippy Gourmet), it’s going to be a wonderful weekend there!


Bio-Dynamic Wines of Mendocino County

Principal photography has just been completed on our most recent episode featuring the family - owned, bio-dynamic wineries of the Mendocino Wine Company. We were super fortunate to be able to interview the owners, growers, pickers, testers and vintners of some of the world’s most environmentally friendly and sustainable (as well as organic and bio-dynamic) wines! More on this upcoming episode from Mendocino in next month’s newsletter.


Farmer John Peterson and the Real Dirt on Farmer John

We actually just learned about bio-dynamics last summer when we did an episode featuring Farmer John Peterson and his award winning movie “The Real Dirt on Farmer John.” Although bio-dynamics has been around since 1924, it was founded by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian Philosopher who introduced this non-chemical agricultural movement. Steiner believed in the health-giving forces of nature, and was ahead of his time in pursuing a better way to farm, based on the balance of healing in the soil.

In our episode with Farmer John Peterson (coming this season on PBS), we also feature several recipes from his cookbook “The Real Dirt on Vegetables,” as well as visit with Leslie Littlefield who performs a couple of her songs from her CD and movie soundtrack.

This is a lovely episode that fits in perfectly with our seventh season upcoming on PBS, mixed in with shows from Vancouver, BC, and the Great Spas of Italy Tour.

Our recent visit to the Electric Vehicle Rally in Palo Alto, California

We were really glad that we were in town a couple of weeks ago to catch the annual Electric Vehicle Rally! This is a super casual, outdoor expo that shows off the latest in EV technologies- everything from Electric bicycles and scooters to top end sports cars, and a whole lot of innovation going on in between!

One of our favorites was the Solar Powered Chariot that is actually a walking/rollerblading robot! Designed by Bob Schneeveis of Emperical Engineering, this is hands-down one of the most incredible vehicles to ever witness gliding by. You will do a double take when you see this thing, because it really looks like human legs (albeit bionic and terminator-like) on rollerblades pulling this chariot behind it! Best of all, Bob put a “W” mask on the top, with a Roman helmet for extra, attention-getting flaire! (as if he needed this). To see photos of this event and Bob’s Solar Chariot, visit our Hippy Gourmet blog post.


About our seventh season on PBS

We have noticed a tremendous increase this past year in the number of households tuning into the Hippy Gourmet show around the country. Alas, there are still some of you in a number of areas that aren’t as yet able to catch our show.

You know, there is a great solution to this, and all you need do is contact your local PBS station and simply ask them to schedule our series for broadcast. Currently we’re reaching over half of the 300 PBS stations nationally, but this next year we hope to increase that exponentially!

So remember the “P” in PBS stands for Public, which is you! And your voice and support go such a long way in helping quality public television programming (such as our series) reach every home.

We are blessed to have groups of people in a number of areas around the country coming together to do letter writing campaigns, all because they want our full-length shows at a regularly scheduled time in their community.

For more information on this, please contact us .

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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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