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Happy Spring Everyone!

You may have noticed that we’re a little behind in our newsletter writing, but it’s all for very good reasons- as we have a lot of very exciting news to begin announcing this month and over the course of the summer.

Speaking of summer, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of the original “Summer of Love” – which took place in 1967 in San Francisco. We’ll be participating in a host of events that lead up to the official Summer of Love reunion in Golden Gate Park on September 2nd, 2007. This is an official teaser of a lot of cool stuff coming your way!

The Hippy Gourmet & Farmer John Peterson bundled together!

We are so honored to announce our creative working relationship with Farmer John Peterson and Lesley Littlefield (famous from their hit movie "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" and their new cookbook "The Real Dirt on Vegetables"). After filming an episode of the Hippy Gourmet that features Farmer John and the original music of Lesley Littlefield, as well as preparing a few of their mouthwatering recipes from their cookbook, we're excited to say that our episode (#111) will be bundled with "The Real Dirt on Vegetables." Please check out or details about the cookbook, Farmer John, Lesley Littlefield, the movie "The Real Dirt on Farmer John" and much more!

If you haven’t seen this movie - “The Real Dirt on Farmer John,” then you really need to. This is a film about a man, John Peterson, and his story growing up on his family farm in the Midwest. It’s about transformation, reconnecting with cycles of food and life, and is such a hopeful message about community supported agriculture (CSA), organics, sustainability and bio-dynamics. But Farmer John takes us deeper than that, into ourselves and our understanding of family and friends that are bound forever by the food they grow and share in.

The companion book “The Real Dirt on Vegetables” is an incredible work of art that blends the fantastic stories on the farm that brings fruit and vegetables into existence, with incredible recipes that are super tasty and easy to prepare! The cookbook also has handy references for knowing your veggies and complimentary spice guides that show you which spices go best with which vegetables, and so much more! This is a cookbook that you and your family will enjoy so much, because it really is all about families, communities and the great organic farms that feed us all.

Hippy Gourmet Going Commercial?

Coming this summer, “Organic Living with The Hippy Gourmet” will begin airing on TV20 San Francisco! Owned by Granite Broadcasting, YourTV20 (cable 13) rocks the bay area from Eureka to Morgan Hill and east of the bay too!

It’s a first for Hippy Gourmet to be on commercial television, as opposed to PBS, but because of TV20’s commitment to the Green movement and to using their broadcast reach to bring shows like their successful series with Lesley Nagy (“Your Green Life and Your Green Report),” we decided that this is the right station to carry our series across the San Francisco Bay area and beyond into national syndication.

Not to fear, we are focused on sponsors that share the vision for a Green Movement and Green Economy in all facets of their business models. The goal for the Hippy Gourmet on commercial television therefore is all about connecting people with good companies, products and services that make a difference.

To consume is to be alive – although to consume what is necessary and beneficial for oneself, their family and the environment around them, is to pinpoint what everyone agrees is the best starting point for a greener world.

So this is our greatest reason for increasing the broadcast reach of the Hippy Gourmet, to use this opportunity to introduce people to really cool companies that are doing super innovative things!

San Francisco Bans Plastic Bags

In a bid to stem the pollution to landfills and streets, as well as to play a significant role in reducing usaage of petro-chemical products, San Francisco recently banned the use of plastic shopping bags. In support for this endeavor going national, The Hippy Gourmet and Ecolution, (a Hemp clothing and merchandise company that strictly adheres to sustainability and fair trade) will be introducing a line of co-branded “Hippy Gourmet” and “Ecolution” products, starting with a handy Hemp Grocery Tote Bag!

If you’ve ever used a canvas bag to handle your groceries, it’s quite amazing how much more they hold than a plastic or paper bag- not to mention how secure it all is from the fear of a paper or plastic strap breaking (how many times has this happened to you? : ) Most of all we think it reinforces a sense of pride in taking a stand against the throw-away society, and makes grocery shopping seem less of a chore and more of a celebration, looking forward to healthy eating with friends and family.

Also Hemp fiber can’t be beat for it’s durability, anti microbial factors, plus for the fact that it’s one of the planet’s most sustainable and reneweable food, fiber, and plant oil sources, giving it the Hippy Gourmet’s “Positive-for-the-Planet” rating of 5 stars!

If you happened to be in need of a good quality canvas bag right now, then why not show your colors with a HippyGourmet branded Tote Bag.

Hippy Gourmet goes Viral

We were so happy to meet Bob Schneeveis this past year at an Electric Vehicle Rally out here in Silicon Valley, California. Bob’s an inventor who created the world’s first solar powered, rollerblading chariot!

In this segment we did exclusively for the web and YouTube, we've been getting wonderful feedback and viewers from all around the world…so please feel free to spread this to anyone you know who hasn’t yet seen it, because it’s fun, fascinating and inspirational about what’s possible for our future without fossile fuels!

If you like that clip, you should also see Bob's Big Wheel/Solar Micro RV, that’ll give you the spin of your life…literally! This vehicles is a mobile amusement park ride that uses a solar panel for it’s roof and has purple reclining chairs that fold down, making the whole car into a bed. Also includes a spacecraft like awning for emergency dust storms, or for privacy of course.

Or visit with Jos, one of Bob's proteges - who at 20 years old has already built his own solar powered kit car! Jos is definitely one of those individuals who gives us hope for new generations embracing alternative energy and fun ways to use it.
A graduate of Palo Alto High School, Jos met Bob Schneeveis when he was 12 years old, and asked Bob if he could show him what to do with some left over wood he had. Bob proceeded to teach Jos how to build his very own electric powered go-cart, and then Jos was also involved in assiting Bob with his other inventions (including the Solar Chariot and the Solar Big Wheel).

Sticking with the solar theme we have a lovely Quesadilla recipe we did for ShutDown Day, this segment clearly demonstrates the effective use for solar ovens. What our Hippy Gourmet says, “you can really taste the flavor of the sun,” this is totally true. Throw on some organic mushrooms, cheese and a quick and simple salsa, and you’ve got a lunch time treat that kept your indoor oven and kitchen nice and cool – and saved all that energy! Whooaaa!

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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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