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Happy Summer of Love!

What a long strange and wonderful trip it continues to be.

We were up at the Harmony Festival kicking things off with a harmonious jam of super cool people, awesome music and of course tremendous peace and love going on! We used some solar cookers to demonstrate the simplicity of cooking out with the power of the sun.

On July 28th and 29th was the Monterey Summer, which marked the 40th anniversary of some of the most famous bands in the history of rock and roll to be signed to recording deals in that sizzling, colorful summer of 1967!
The line up of artists included the Doors and Jefferson Starship, amongst many others - and the festival itself had something for everybody!

Here comes the Sun! Join us this August 18th and 19th up in Hopland, California for the annual SolFest at the Solar Living Institute and Real Goods Store!
We are so honored to be returning to see all our old friends at Solfest as we roll out some new recipes in the solar cookers and give lectures about cooking and living with the power of the sun. Hippy Gourmet is solar powered TV, Yeah!

September 2nd in Golden Gate Park, Speedway Meadows is the Summer Of Love 40th Anniversary celebration, keeping the groove going all day and into the night, commemorating 40 years ago when several hundred thousand beautiful people came from all around the country and world to join together in the pure celebration of a free, happy and peaceful life!

Returning from Vancouver Island, British Columbia!

We recently returned from a whirlwind filming of seven new episodes all over Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, Tofino and Cortes Island, with shows that capture only a fraction of the essence that this majestic part of the world has to offer.

Coming soon: Amazing adventures tooling around Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, reconnecting with what we thought only truly existed in Tuscany, Italy! Discovering the artisan culinary culture, and the organic and bio-dynamic farmers who are doing their part to cultivate sustainability.


Upcoming episodes on Ann Cooper and Back to Earth Organic Catering!

Ann Cooper is on a mission, to bring healthy, organic, local and sustainable, very tasty and fresh ingredients to school children across America.
In this episode we learn about Ann's miraculous efforts to shift the Berkeley School system away from processed foods and towards hand made, organic recipes that kids really love!
In this show with Ann we draw on three mouthwatering recipes from her cookbook "Lunch Lessons" and hit up the Berkeley Farmer's Market to get our fresh ingredients and inspiration!

Not far down the road from Ann Cooper in Emeryville, California is a wonderful, spirited catering company called "Back to Earth."
Back to Earth is comprised of young and beautiful chefs, party planners, artists and founders with a pure vision of making healthy foods central to their future organic community center concept.
We sent our Hippy Gourmet into the heart of the Back to Earth kitchen to meet up with Chef Stefanie who does a veritable ballet of filming three fantastic recipes with us, while juggling an interview and filming with the Today Show and having a wedding reception to cook and prep for the following day!
Our chef's hat off to Back to Earth for their team efforts in catering with only the finest organic and freshest ingredients in mind and for putting the community first in everything they do.


Our Cookbook

Please don't forget that you can pre-order "The Hippy Gourmet's Quick & Simple Cookbook" (Hachette Book Group, USA) here, the book release is September, 4th, 2007! Our book chronicles our story from when we started our Hippy Gourmet TV series, all through our travels around the world, the people we've met, the foods prepared and the impetus to tell these positive stories.
Of course the book is filled with awe-inspiring recipes that are simple to prepare, delicious, super healthy and beautiful to present. Our book offers innovative and original vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian meals that are satisfying and nutritious.


Solar Cookers on the Road

We put the solar cookers through the paces on this last filming tour we did, cooking out on an overcast day with the Tulsi Solar Cooker from India (which is the world's first hybrid solar cooker, allowing people to plug in their oven in case of over cast days).
We also fired up (pointed toward the sun) the Solar Oven Society solar cookers and made up some awesome meals. We even used the solar cookers on the beach with the First Nation's people at Tla-ook Cultural Adventures!


Solar Powered TV feature on

Would you like to get 100+ miles to the gallon? That's One Hundred Miles, or close to 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas! Then check out this cool story about Felix from!


But wait, there's more!

Farmer John's cookbook, "Real Dirt on Vegetables" is available from and includes the Hippy Gourmet Episode #111 that features three delicious recipes from the "Real Dirt on Vegetables" as well as interviews with Farmer John Peterson of the "Real Dirt on Farmer John" movie, plus the wonderful music of Lesley Littlefield, and so much more!

Stay tuned for "Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet" coming this fall to YourTV20 and other fine Granite Broadcasting stations around the country.
"Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet" is a commercial broadcast version of the Hippy Gourmet show, with the exception that the commercials will only be from companies making a difference for a sustainable environment and better world.

Starting in October, 2007 in San Francisco and the surrounding San Francisco Bay area, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm on YourTV20 (cable 13) - check your local listings and watch for us across the country.


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Peace, Love and Good Eats!

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