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Spring is around the corner

Can you smell the jasmine yet? Or maybe where you are the first colorful tulips have popped up through the snow? It’s very true, the long dark winter is coming to an end and soon we can all rejoice in the rebirth of spring!

What we look forward to most of course is the fresh, organic, locally produced fruits and vegetables that initiates the season of abundance coming our way. But we also look forward to the longer days, to spending more time with family and friends and celebrating what it means to slow down and enjoy each others company.

So in the spirit of the lengthening days ahead of us, we hope that everyone will take the time to reconnect and embrace the simplicity of preparing home cooked meals together.

By the way, now is the perfect time to sign up for your local CSA (community supported agriculture) program! Get to know your local farmers and their families, and see where and how your daily sustenance comes about! If you’re only one person, a couple, or a small family, then why not share the weekly produce box with friends and neighbors, because truly there’s no better way to usher in spring, than to invite hospitality into our lives!


Earth Day - what are your plans? Here are some ideas...

It’s hard to imagine that each and every day we wake up here on Earth and go about our business, actually forgetting we’re really on a planet in the deep far reaches of space and time!

There are times when we see a beautiful sunset, or see the shape of the full moon with only a sliver of light, or view a photograph taken of distant galaxies and nebulae that we begin to realize the miracle of who we are and what this place we call home is really about.

The great thinker and inventor R. Buckminster Fuller (or Bucky as he is fondly referred to) stated that we are all living on ‘spaceship earth,’ believing that people on earth are really no different than astronauts living on a space station. That in fact we must be mindful of our resources, respecting and nurturing what is renewable and doing all we can to reduce, re-use, recycle and compost.

Perhaps Bucky Fuller would have found the concept of one day a year to celebrate planet Earth as being a bit misguided, as he would certainly push for every day of every month of every year to live this way – but as the eternal optimist he was, he certainly would have been happy at least for each positive step in the right direction!

Living on earth is a miracle! We exist out of pure light, eat food that is created from the sun and are sustained by this giant living organism called mother Earth – so here’s a list of fun things to do to make Earthday everyday!

Turn off your computer and go outside
Ride a bike
Take a walk
Hug a tree
Visit a park
Eat some Hemp seeds
Cook with some Hemp oil
Wear Hemp clothes
Cook in a solar oven
Volunteer yourself in a community garden
Visit a local, organic farm that supplies your produce
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Compost!

For more tips, visit


Hippy Gourmet reaches more homes!

Hippy Gourmet is so proud to announce our new broadcasting relationship with FSTV (Channel 9415 on Dish Network, and also via many public cable channels nationwide). FSTV which stands for Free Speech Television is all about bringing quality programming to over 25 million homes coast-to-coast! You can catch Hippy Gourmet episodes weekly at these times:
all times EST:
Mondays @ 9am & 3pm
Wednesdays @ 11am
Fridays @ 11pm
Saturdays @ 10am
Sundays @ 2am

Want Hippy Gourmet On-Demand? Well we’re also super pleased to announce that Comcast is serving up our Organic Living with the Hippy Gourmet On-Demand in select regions (for those with digital cable). If Comcast On-Demand isn’t in your area yet, please feel free to contact your local Comcast office and ask for us by name!


Upcoming events!

As part of an exciting new program that Borders Books (in conjunction with Skorman Productions) is launching this Spring to offer ‘expert classes’ in select Borders book stores, the producer and director of Hippy Gourmet TV, James Ehrlich will be sharing his knowledge on everything from grass-roots media to cooking with solar ovens, and so much more! The events will encompass all facets of how we were able to bring our little TV series onto national broadcasters, building an audience that now surpasses 34 million homes a week!

3 Borders locations in Sacramento area on April 20th
Borders@Roseville at 11:00am
Borders@Fair Oaks Blvd at 2:00pm
Borders@Natomas at 4:00pm

Then coming in on May 10th we visit the Kepler's Bookstore in Palo Alto, California to demonstrate cooking with the power of the sun, using solar cookers – and also giving handy tips on saving money at the check out stand, cooking with friends and families right out of CSA produces boxes, and so much more!

So come on down to Kepler's in Palo Alto at 2:00 on Saturday May 10th!


A Special Offer just for Our Newsletter Subscribers!

This past month we started a wonderful direct relationship with to offer Hippy Gourmet DVDs to anxious fans around the world! You can visit the store now and check out our expanding library of shows and compilation sets at a great price! Currently we have over 50 titles available, with more on the way! Best of all, Hippy Gourmet newsletter subscribers get a special code for additional discounts. If you would like to be included in these specials, get free recipes and more, please become a subscriber!

Peace, Love and Organics!

The Hippy Gourmet TV Show “TV the way it’s supposed to be”

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