Kicking The Caffeine: Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

Healthy Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

We can all admit it. We are all guilty of being very dependent on coffee to get us through the day. It is not uncommon for most of us to wake up and head straight to the kitchen for a cup of delicious coffee. For many of us, it feels as though we can not cope without getting the hit of caffeine that we need to get us through the day.

Coffee has a lot of positive side effects and it indeed delivers the energy that you need in order to get through your day. However, along with all of the positive side effects that coffee has, there is a long list of issues that regularly drinking it can cause.

What Issues Can Coffee Cause?

One of the main problems that most coffee drinkers are all too familiar with is the stomach pains that it can cause. When kept to a limit, you won’t experience any stomach aches from your coffee. However, if you are someone that has several cups in the morning, then it is likely that you are going to spend a lot of time on the toilet before you even leave the house.

Having to put this time to the side at the start of every day is a huge inconvenience and can throw off the other plans that you have set for the rest of the day, which some people simply do not have time for.

High Blood Pressure

Drinking coffee can also raise your heart rate, which can leave you feeling panicked or experiencing elevated anxiety. For some people, this can leave you feeling uncomfortable for the remainder of the day and if you are someone that already suffers from a high heart rate, your overwhelming feelings will only be elevated further.

Now that you know some of the reasons why coffee shouldn’t be a drink that you turn to every day, you may feel at a loss. If you have consumed coffee every day, then thinking up an alternative may seem difficult. Here are some healthy alternatives to your morning coffee.

Decaf Coffee

If you are someone that loves the taste of coffee and you are not ready to give that taste up, then a great alternative for you may be decaf coffee. Decaf gives you all of the benefits of coffee, minus all of the caffeine. This means that you will be able to drink your coffee like you usually do, without having to feel a high heart rate or stomach pain from the caffeine.

If you are someone that has never really tried decaf before, you may be tempted to start off your journey with a cheap instant decaf. We recommend that you avoid this, as these cheap decaf drinks do not have the same flavor and do not give you the same energy as a quality decaf bean. To make the transitional period much easier for you, here’s a list of best decaf coffee beans that you can brew up and try for yourself.

A Glass Of Orange Juice

Arguably the second most popular breakfast drink is orange juice. Orange juice is a refreshing alternative to a cup of coffee and is much healthier for you. Orange juice is so popular because it is jam-packed with all of the valuable nutrients that your body needs in order to function well.

Orange juice is full of Vitamin C, which gives your body energy and helps it function throughout the day. Orange juice can also help to keep your organs healthy and functioning correctly. If you are someone that struggles with digestion, then a glass of orange juice will help to keep you regular.

A Cold Glass of Water

A cold glass of water is arguably the healthiest drink that you can have in the morning. When you sleep, you go 8 hours without hydrating your body. When you wake up, you usually feel extremely dehydrated and so it is crucial that you rehydrate your body. Placing a bottle of water next to your bed before you sleep encourage you to drink it when you wake up. You will notice that you feel much more awake and fresh, thanks to your bottle of water.

4 Ways to Improve your Morning Coffee

If you are like me then it is likely that you absolutely depend on coffee in order to be able to function for the rest of the day. Some of you may prefer to settle in for a mug of black coffee, which is fine but it is not exactly what you want to drink every day. Here are 4 ways to improve your morning coffee.  


Make it iced 

You may have noticed a trend in the last few years where people spend time whisking their coffee and water mixture until it is a thick cream and then add it to a cup of milk and ice. This coffee technique is absolutely delicious and so there is no wonder why so many people have chosen to do this. You can choose how much or how little coffee cream you add, but we recommend adding quite a bit so that you are ready for the day ahead.   

Make it a relaxing coffee 

If you know that you have a busy and difficult day ahead of you, we recommend adding some cbd oil to your coffee. Research has shown that CBD oil has a lot of characteristics that lead to an improvement in mood and relaxation, as well as a decrease in anxiety, you will also feel an increase in relaxation once you have used CBD, which is great if you know you are bound to get stressed out during the week.  

Try new flavors 

You may be used to just using your standard coffee every morning and you may even like it, but what is the harm in trying out some new coffee flavors and seeing if you like them. Thanks to the revolution of coffee manufacturers, you can get coffee in just about any flavor profile these days. We recommend trying a caramel coffee or even a white chocolate coffee as these will diversify your taste experience.  

Treat yourself to an ordered coffee 

If you feel as though you have had a hard week or you are planning to have a hard week, why not treat yourself to a bought coffee from one of your favorite chains. There is nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a coffee that you haven’t had to prepare yourself and sometimes you deserve a treat after all of the hard work you have put in, so why not give it a try. 

5 Of the Best Breakfast Dishes Worth Trying

If you have been eating the same breakfast almost every day, then you may be looking for something new to try. There is nothing worse than waking up and trying to think of something new to eat and for that reason, most of us just revert back to what we are used to, which can be quite boring.  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it keeps your body fuelled ahead of any tasks that you may need to complete. Breakfast is also very important as when you sleep is the longest time that you go without food and so your body needs it for a valuable refuel.  Thanks to the creativity of humans, there are actually a number of breakfast dishes out there that you may not have even thought of trying. We easily fall into a box of what we think is a set breakfast dish, which can restrict us when it comes to trying something new and expanding our culinary horizons and limits the meals that we eat regularly. 

You may be wanting to break out of your usual habits and try something new. If you want to try something new, here are 5 of the best breakfast dishes worth trying.  


Blueberry Pancakes 

When you think of breakfast pancakes, you usually imagine pancakes stacked with bacon and syrup. Though those pancakes are a classic dish, sometimes the last thing that you want when you wake up is greasy food. This is why we recommend blueberry pancakes as they are not too sweet and they are still extremely filling. There is never any harm in getting some extra fruit into your diet and there is nothing better than fitting it in while also eating some delicious and extremely filling pancakes.  


Egg Benedict  

If you are someone that wants to try something a little fancier for breakfast, then we recommend that you make an egg benedict. Egg benedict is a combination of egg, ham, and a delicious hollandaise sauce. It is extremely tasty but does take a little prep time, so be sure to only make this if you have some time on your hand that you don’t mind dedicating to cooking breakfast. While you wait for all the components to cook, you can look up some egg jokes puns that you can use when you serve the dish to your friends and family. 


Avocado and Poached Egg Toast 

If you are looking to improve your health but you still want to eat food that is filling, then we recommend that you try to make avocado and poached egg toast. This dish is extremely simple to make and does not take long at all, so if you are in a rush and still want something delicious before your day starts, you can make yourself a couple of slices. This meal is also rich in protein, which is great if you are someone that doesn’t eat meat and you look for great ways to get protein in your diet.  


Smoothie Bowl 

This is another breakfast that is taking the world by storm. If you follow a meat-free diet or you simply want to start eating healthier, we recommend that you try to whip up one of these meals. A smoothie bowl basically consists of a thick smoothie that is paired with oats, cereal, and even some whole fruit. A smoothie bowl is a great way to get full without filling your body with unhealthy ingredients that are bound to make you feel sluggish throughout the day. Instead, with a smoothie bowl, you’ll be full of energy and ready to take on anything that the world may throw at you. 


Homemade Muffins 

 If you love Mcdonald’s muffins but hate the price tag, we recommend that you try and make your own at home. It is extremely easy and all you need to do is purchase your own English muffins and pair them with your favorite muffin ingredients. If you want to replicate the muffins made by McDonald’s, make sure that you master the art of steam cooking the egg so that you can get a thick egg with plenty of flavors to it. 

Cooking Presents: 4 Great Gifts for Any Chef

These days it feels as though there is an invention for everything. Every issue that humankind had previously had, no matter how small, now has some sort of solution created.  Nowhere does this apply more than in the kitchen.  No matter what cooking technique and ingredients you use, there is bound to be a gadget or useful tool that has been created in order to make your cooking experience much easier.  

But with so many new gadgets and helpful tools being put onto the market, it can be difficult to distinguish which of the available would be a worthy investment. This is especially the case if you are someone that doesn’t necessarily care or know much about cooking, but you are looking for a gift for the chef in your life. Here are our top 4 picks for the best gifts for any chef in your life. 

Child Kit 

Now, nobody said that the cook in your life has to be a grown-up. Children are extremely inquisitive and love to try new things. There are children out there that love cooking, but perhaps can not be left to enjoy what they do due to unsafe equipment. If you have a little chef in your life, then it would be worth purchasing a cooking kit catered to children. These kits usually include child-safe knives and you could koop een van deze cadeaus voor een meisje van 8 jaar that adores cooking.  

Air Fryer 

One of the newest bits of kitchen kit that has hit the world is the air fryer. The air fryer promises to deliver that delicious fried taste, without all of the disgusting greases. The air fryer also has extremely fast cooking times and saves on oven space, so it is the perfect gift for all of you chefs out there. This is one of those items that everyone wants but will never buy themselves, so do your chef a favor and get it for them.  



Food Processor  

Another item that is needed for absolutely every chef’s kitchen is a quality food processor. Having a food processor gives you the ability to make hundreds of different dishes, such as soups and even sauces. Now, any chef will tell you that there is nothing better than a homemade sauce, however, it can be hard to get the right consistency without the correct tools. A food processor is also just extremely helpful and can transform any classic dish.  

An Alexa 

Though this isn’t necessarily a piece of cooking equipment, every chef needs to have an Alexa set up in their kitchen. Cooking can be a lengthy process and so Alexa’s are great for musical entertainment. Not only this, but if you find that you have run out of a certain ingredient and you have your hands full, then you can get Alexa to order it for you. Cookbooks are also old news, as now you can have Alexa read everything you need to know directly to you. 

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