5 Of the Best Breakfast Dishes Worth Trying

  • on August 13, 2021

If you have been eating the same breakfast almost every day, then you may be looking for something new to try. There is nothing worse than waking up and trying to think of something new to eat and for that reason, most of us just revert back to what we are used to, which can be quite boring.  

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it keeps your body fuelled ahead of any tasks that you may need to complete. Breakfast is also very important as when you sleep is the longest time that you go without food and so your body needs it for a valuable refuel.  Thanks to the creativity of humans, there are actually a number of breakfast dishes out there that you may not have even thought of trying. We easily fall into a box of what we think is a set breakfast dish, which can restrict us when it comes to trying something new and expanding our culinary horizons and limits the meals that we eat regularly. 

You may be wanting to break out of your usual habits and try something new. If you want to try something new, here are 5 of the best breakfast dishes worth trying.  


Blueberry Pancakes 

When you think of breakfast pancakes, you usually imagine pancakes stacked with bacon and syrup. Though those pancakes are a classic dish, sometimes the last thing that you want when you wake up is greasy food. This is why we recommend blueberry pancakes as they are not too sweet and they are still extremely filling. There is never any harm in getting some extra fruit into your diet and there is nothing better than fitting it in while also eating some delicious and extremely filling pancakes.  


Egg Benedict  

If you are someone that wants to try something a little fancier for breakfast, then we recommend that you make an egg benedict. Egg benedict is a combination of egg, ham, and a delicious hollandaise sauce. It is extremely tasty but does take a little prep time, so be sure to only make this if you have some time on your hand that you don’t mind dedicating to cooking breakfast. While you wait for all the components to cook, you can look up some egg jokes puns that you can use when you serve the dish to your friends and family. 


Avocado and Poached Egg Toast 

If you are looking to improve your health but you still want to eat food that is filling, then we recommend that you try to make avocado and poached egg toast. This dish is extremely simple to make and does not take long at all, so if you are in a rush and still want something delicious before your day starts, you can make yourself a couple of slices. This meal is also rich in protein, which is great if you are someone that doesn’t eat meat and you look for great ways to get protein in your diet.  


Smoothie Bowl 

This is another breakfast that is taking the world by storm. If you follow a meat-free diet or you simply want to start eating healthier, we recommend that you try to whip up one of these meals. A smoothie bowl basically consists of a thick smoothie that is paired with oats, cereal, and even some whole fruit. A smoothie bowl is a great way to get full without filling your body with unhealthy ingredients that are bound to make you feel sluggish throughout the day. Instead, with a smoothie bowl, you’ll be full of energy and ready to take on anything that the world may throw at you. 


Homemade Muffins 

 If you love Mcdonald’s muffins but hate the price tag, we recommend that you try and make your own at home. It is extremely easy and all you need to do is purchase your own English muffins and pair them with your favorite muffin ingredients. If you want to replicate the muffins made by McDonald’s, make sure that you master the art of steam cooking the egg so that you can get a thick egg with plenty of flavors to it. 

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