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  • on January 15, 2021

What would be the point of having whole grains if the nutritional benefits are not there. Therefore, if you want to get all the benefits of whole grains, you should choose stone-milled whole grains because, in stone milling, all of the grain parts are milled together, ensuring that it has all the goodness. There are various things that you need to keep in mind before including whole grains in your daily life. Let us discuss some important ways to use these grains.

Toast the grains

Whole grains can be starchy, which can be off-putting for many, especially when one is on the way to learning to bake with whole grains. Thus, to make the grains tastier and bring out these grains’ nuttiness, one can toast them. Toasting these grains on a dry pan will bring out the oils and the flavors from these grains. This will enhance the taste of the recipe’s manifold. Grains that are not toasted may not have a strong flavor, whereas toasted grains have better flavor because when they are toasted, the flavors are enhanced. Toasting if the grains can be done before using it for any other purpose. If you are going to make a risotto or a similar dish, then you can roast your grains before following the other steps of the recipe. This would provide a better to your recipe.

Simmer the grains

One of the things that should be kept in mind while making grains is that they should be cooked slowly. Boiling them on aggressive heat will not cook the grain completely and will also destroy the flavors. Instead, choose to simmer the grains and cook them for a longer time on lower heat. Whole grains are high in fiber and other nutrients and are harder to cook, and it is because of this, they should be cooked very slowly. The slow cooking ensures that all the flavors are kept inside the grain, and the grains are properly cooked instead of being raw. 

Make big batches

Cooking grains can take up a lot of time; therefore, cooking them before every meal can be quite a commitment. To avoid wasting so much time, one can cook bigger batches of grains. It is a well-known fact that whole grains take a lot of time to cook because they have to get cooked on a low flame, which is quite a time taking. So it would be more convenient to make big batches of whole grains, you can cook whole grains for 3-4 days or an entire week, and after it has been cooked, you can put that in an airtight container and put it into the re4frigerator. This way, you can keep the cooked whole grains for a long time and then take them out and reheat it to serve whenever you require. This would be more time saving and cost-effective as compared to cooking whole grains before every meal.

Reducing The Chances Of Getting a Stroke

Whole grains are recommended in the DASH and Mediterranean diets as they decrease the chances of suffering from a stroke. People consuming regular whole grains have a 14 percent lower risk of suffering from stroke than people not consuming whole grains. This is because whole grains are a healthier option and help control the cholesterol and the blood sugar level and keep the body healthier overall. As a result, the chances of getting a stroke are also decreased.

Blood Sugar

The fact is well known that food items rich in fiber are harder to digest than fine grains. This is what helps in maintaining the blood sugar level lot more. When a food item digests very quickly, then there can be a sudden spike in the blood sugar level, whereas having whole grains that are harder to digest would not cause this problem. Whole grains digest slowly, and because of this, they do not cause any sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Having fiber-rich whole grains are a great option if you also wish to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Weight Loss

Whole grains also help in the journey of weight loss. They reduce the chances of catching obesity due to high-fiber diets. The high fiber in the whole grains keeps the stomach full for a longer time than other grains, and as a result, people tend to eat less frequently when they have whole grains in their diet. Also, whole grains are good for maintaining weight. SO if your goal is also to keep your weight in check or lose weight, fiber-rich whole grains are a great option for you.

Digestive Health

Whole grains improve the digestive health of the human body. The fiber present in the whole grains acts as prebiotics, which eventually improves people’s overall digestive health. The high amounts of fiber in whole grains are good for the digestive systems because fiber-rich food items do not easily break down, instead of moving along the digestive tract smoothly, which reduces the pressure on the intestines. The entire process results in reducing the pressure on the digestive system and improving the all-over health of the digestive system. This also reduces the chance of getting digestive diseases and maintains a regular stool, which is essential for digestive health.

A Reduction In The Chances Of Premature Death

Whole grains are really good for almost every part of the body. They not only control cholesterol but also control other things such as blood pressure and blood sugar level. They also improve digestive health and improve the health of the heart. By doing all of these things, whole grains improve all the health of the human body, and in doing so, they also decrease the chances of premature death. 

It is a well-known fact that an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet can become the cause of many diseases, so having whole grains in your diet that are good for your health is essential if you wish to live longer. 

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